Worm is not an Artist.

To call someone an Artist is placing that person in a category… Or business market.  That is what Art is today (business).  From the time a person decides they want to pursue a “Career” as an Artist, there are business’ marketing to make money off of that person’s passion. Most people who make a living off of Art, are not artists or creators. They are people who use artists to make money and usually those people make more money than Artist’s themselves do.  To call yourself an Artist is opening the doors to Critics and Judgementals – who think they are allowed to say whatever they want about what you do because you are putting yourself out to the world as a person who wants to make a living influencing the world with your creations.

Worm is just a guy.

He sometimes spends his time playing music. Sometimes writing songs or poems or even just thoughts. … And he sometimes tinkers around in the garage having some fun, fabricating and welding, making what ever he feels like.  If you enjoy his fun, he enjoys the energy of another’s delight.  So please feel free to smile and laugh and share positive energy.

Worm is not trying to sell his work.

He is not looking for opinions of help on how to market it in better ways to create more sales or change his work into ways that make it more purchasable, so please save your and my energy and time and don’t talk about that stuff. What he invests, whether it be time or money is because he does enjoy sharing his creations with the world.