Always Right

I say girl
Ur always right
Ur always ri-e-i-e-ight
I say girl
Ur always right
Ur always rieieieieight

I say now girl
Don’t break my heart
Always Tryin to be right
Your always right
I say now girl
U Can’t always right
Sometimes your just wrong
Tryin to be right

I say girl
Ur always right
Ur always rieieieight
I say girl
Ur always right
Ur always rieieieight

I say now girl
U can’t always be be right
U’ll have us walking in circles
Then everything’s wrong
But then girl
U still say Ur right
And that’s just wrong
Stop tryin to fight
I say now girl
If Ur always right
Then I’m whose wrong
And I don’t think that’s right
I say now girl
Ur walkin in a circle
U ain’t makin a right
Ur turnin the other side

I say girl
Ur always right
Ur always rieieieight
I say girl
Ur always right
Ur always rieieieight

I say now girl
This time I’m right
And don’t break my heart
Sayin those words
I say now girl
If u sayin those words
I may have to go
Cause u breakin my heart
U can’t stay right
I say now girl
Have a good life
Walkin in circles
Lookin for a fight
I say now girl
I guess Ur right
But so am I
And that feels nice.


Keepin Goin

Because there is an end to this world
In this world there is evil
I could be living with disease
I could die from a needle
Ain’t no retry in this life
No cheat code either
I can live by the knife
Or use it to eat with

I can keep a steady course
try to not get out of hand
The plan behind the man
To make the impossible into demand

It’s an innitiation
It takes dedication
It’s a common ground
No ones gonna do it alone

It’s a conversation
It takes us believing
It’s a problem
Problems come
They come and they go


Dead Girl

Dead girl
Oh oh oh
Dead girl
Whoa oh
I know I make you happy
Even if you don’t wanna be
Don’t want to meet me for lunch
Half the time you don’t wanna fuck
Won’t try to form a plan
Don’t want to make it happen
Don’t want to make the bed
Just seem to act like a kid
Dead girl
Oh oh oh
Ur such a dead girl
Whao oh
Don’t want to meet your friends
Don’t want to make no ends
Can’t seem to cook a meal
You just say, get real
I say let’s go get drunk
You just waive good luck
Dead girl.
Oh oh oh
Ur such a dead girl.


Hindsight 20/20

Every time I think of regret
I think of why I shouldn’t have it.
Every time I think of respect
I think of why I shouldn’t have it.
For every time I thought of you
I was atleast once thoughtless.
Everytime I fought for you
I atleast once picked a fight.
Give me your masses
Let me pick them through.
Take back your crashes
Those ones don’t do.
Every time I remember exactly
Is a moment of lost integrity.
For every time I have forgotten
That was when you were most beautiful.


A Little Meanaleanalin

I got money in my pocket, ain’t no ajingajinglin
Girls on my jockey and all atingatingle in
Listen to my topic and start asingasingle in
Don’t even try to stop it, they all acreamacreamalin
A little taste of my rocket to sound a heemaheemalin
The scrapes kinda got me a tall a screamascreamakin
If u start to doubt me, it don’t ameanmeanathin
My pride keeps me proper because all my dreams I’ll dream again
Hot girls are my tropics, they all a sweetasweetalin
Got thighs like a cockpit, drawn to be a seamalin
The question that they got me, when we agonnameetagin?
Don’t worry bout me baby, I’ll sore your beataleatalin


Pain Pills

I told the doctor lady
I think I’m kinda crazy
I think I’m banging my head straight in a wall

She said just hold on baby
I know things quite related
I know how to relieve what u want
A magic wand she waiv-ed
It leaves me calm sedated
It makes me feel like I can walk with the clouds

Don’t take these like there candy
She said just keep these handy
If u need one, two will put you out.


Always dug your Sis

I was lookin for your sista cause I heard she got out the county home.
She was lookin for a daddy, dropping demons down her untouched throat.
Pimpin caddy’s, smoken fatty’s, talkin ways like she never said before.
With a sad face and a bad case of a woman needing some more.

She said, It’s nice to meet cha mista
I only meant to kiss ya
I didn’t mean to be such a whore
Such an innocent sight
I’d never seen you look so insecure
I said, it don’t matter baby
I knew you weren’t a lady
I think we mighta did this before.
In your kitchen, on your table, with your dishes broken on the floor

I have a hunch about your sista that she’s dirtier than I even thought befo
She’s a rotten little mama who’s got a badger of a temper
that she aint afraid to show

If I’m runnin and she sees it
Then she’ll grab me and a squeeze it
And she likes to leave me poor.

She’s always minding of her mission
Kickin and a hissin
Is an evil girl rotten to the core

I can’t look at her twice
Or I’m on my knees beggin her for more

I never heard your advice
I thought she could play nice
But she likes to keep me sore

When I please her nest
It’s a whole nother mess
Because she thinks I’m the one for her

So now I’m paying the price
She’s got me in a vice
Pinned between our mattress, wall and the headboard.


If You Think Your Girl Won’t Like It

If u think ur girl won’t like it
There’s somethin u should know
I’m as crooked as the banker
When it comes to getting love

I won’t tell her that I love her
She don’t know if I care
I can tell a few stories
Lost the underwear

You listen to the bitchin
Like help me in the kitchen
All the time while your wishin
What happened to the stitchin?

I have the talent that they package
An electrical charge
I get her acting like a bad girl
She surrenders all her cards

Where did I come from?
How can I go?
What is the story?
Who all knows?

Your questions answer ain’t the right place
Your gonna have to let it go
You’ll be actin like Mike Tyson
During times that were low

So if you think your girl won’t like it
And all you hold is only true
If your thinking she can’t play games
And only has eyes for you

Just remember what I’m sayin
Your gonna have to think this through
Listen to the message
And get yourself a clue

Ain’t no time in this life
To beat yourself blue
There’s no thighs worth advice
When it’s over it’s cool
Find another piece ass
Like you know who.


My Way

U say u want it my way
U want it with the worst taste
U’ve been watching from a long range
If I want it do not hesitate

U say u want it my way
Ask if there’s another place
List those things u wanna do to me
Laugh like its all a game

Smile nice, Lick Ur lips, Twirl Ur hair
Blow a kiss, stop and just stare
Long legs
Lock those long legs around me

U say u want it my way
Softly kissing anxiously
Holding back the chemistry
I can feel Ur heartbeat tickling

U say u want it my way
In such a dirty fantasy
It’s a conquest of eternity
Let us express some feelings physically

Smile nice, Lick Ur lips, Twirl Ur hair
Blow a kiss, stop and just stare
Long legs
Lock those long legs around me



Calm down my distant trail
I feel myself release
I am strongest alone
Self guide a selfish ease
How far can I take this chance
Do I feel for or alive from it

Sitting here I may be wasting
Bystanders realize my fate
While I sit here wasted
How far have I gone away

Show now my inner glow
Enjoy the helpless greed
So why ever do I desire someone
When Living life is free
Carelessly I’ll do what I feel
Have not want of or wanting need

Sitting here I may be wasting
Bystanders realize my fate
While I sit here wasted
How far have I gone away

I found now that I’ve done my part
And I know that nothing comes free
I do my job and I work from my heart
I’ll take this whirlwind chance
I keep my spirits stance
There’s still the world to see

Sitting here I may be wasting
Bystanders realize my fate
While I sit here wasted
How far have I gone away


New Sight

Things can always go wrong
So it’s tough to stay right
If you listen to a song
You could find some new sight


Dear Self… Take Care of Me

It’s the luck of the draw
And all depends on timing
Finding love
Are u in the same life I am?
Ur never gonna find it
So don’t bother to look
But Living life blindly
Might leave me writing a book!
I love being free
As high as flying
I don’t need anything
Or it’s all about what I need!
The saying is
The grass is always greener
And how it is
More work
That makes u wanna be leaner.

So where are u now?
That person that I’ve been.
And what brings me down?
To the levels I don’t dream.

I guess I will keep walking my lonely road.
It seems to make me happy and hold stories of a life of glow!
So what makes me happy?
I ask my lonesome soul.
Well let’s go find it!
I know, I know!


New Path

This is your mind and mine’s made up.
It seems that sometimes that times just tough
If this is the life then mines been lost
It’s a damn good thing your not my boss

Keepin it slow and Keepin it steady
Don’t know about you but that shits heavy
Roll up the clue cause that gets deadly
It’s a matter of fact and always tempting

So just keep on Keepin on
Don’t got to do what’s been done
Even if they look at you and call you son
You gotta better chance by doing wrong


We Are…

We are Lynch mob of the scandaless
We are the gutter bombs of the underneath
We have the reputua of a bad disease
And you don’t even know the half of it.


Do it, But Don’t Get Caught

Your supposed to do and not get caught
Do it and don’t get caught

It’s not a game to play on a friend
That fact is your friendship will end

It’s the way society’s went
Don’t slap my hand, I won’t quit

Take standards and throw them from the window
Live your life as you reinvent

Cause in this world your not only single
Your being prayed on by deviants

Trust nothing cause your the worst
Turns out your happy with your curse

I was told it’s easier to ask for forgiveness
Than it is to get permission

Your supposed to do it and not get caught
Do it and don’t get caught

I got nothing if I don’t live
And I live to come up on it

So watch your back
I might be stareing out a window

Listen up
What I know is pretty critical

I have a plan
A method to my movement

You may be part
Or a hopeless innocent

When it’s done
I will not only continue

Your just one
Don’t take it too personal

Your supposed to do it and not get caught
Do it and don’t get caught

Your supposed to do it and not get caught
Do it and don’t get caught

Like I said don’t do it to your friends
Leave that up to the government

Even though they call me their equal
I might find my life is so damn lethal

Capture me in a web made by the people
Is not my place I’m not one of the sheeple

But please forgive the mistake I made
I promise you won’t see me again

What I learned, I’ve been told
From what I live. Now I’m sold

Your supposed to do it and not get caught
Do it and don’t get caught


Be here to Live

I think I’m just gonna burn everything down and blow this town.
Like ur a clown. Leave no one to be found.
Maybe stumble around this world while I hold my head like I got on a crown.
I won’t be stuck in some pound.
you can’t find me, not even with a blood hound.
Throw three darts, move to another mound.
It’ll be the loudest of sounds, my laughter as I get down.
You might wear a frown as u think about my limitless bounds.
Because u don’t got the guts, might as well lay down underground.


Wants and Needs

I feel Ur breathin
I feel Ur pulse
I feel Ur fire burning from Ur pours
I feel Ur rhythm
I feel Ur tongue
The sense of yurning coming from below

I feel Ur living
I feel Ur love
I feel Ur passions holding every touch
I feel u let it
I feel u go
When u cum u give the total show

Don’t say Ur the one for me
U won’t get Ur arms around me
Ain’t nothin great
Ain’t nothin fake

I see Ur ways
Ur such a pretty girl
I don’t need Ur kisses
But I want them still